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Mermaid’s Many Road Mascots, part 1

Howdy, puppet fans!  This is Seann, from the Goodnight Moon and the Runaway Bunny tour.  As you’ve probably gathered if you’ve read any of our other touring posts, ours is a pretty sweet deal on tour.  Entertaining the kids, seeing new places and relaxing in hotel rooms are all part of the joys of touring.  However, tours can be long trips away from home, and it always helps to give yourself that familiar feeling whenever you can when you’re away for so long.

The Van

That said, our home away from home is no doubt the tour van.  It’s a stalwart puppet-wagon roving the countryside in search of children to delight, and it’s also the single place we spend the most time on tour.  So, like a home, it gets decorated.

I thought I’d share with you some of our van decor- we’ve picked up quite a few hitch-hikers on the road, and their comforting presence has been our home sweet home for the past months.  Being puppeteers, it’s perhaps only natural that they’re mostly bizarre little toys found on our travels.

Now, without ado (that up there was exposition, not ado, so I don’t need to say “further”), allow me to introduce you:



Species: Bear
Material: Something resembling rubber (blue)
Origin: Fredericton, N.B.
Likes: Lucille, the Open Road, Playing Catch, Tending to his ‘Do
Dislikes: Gravel, Moist towelettes

One of our original mascots, we all bet that Sam would have suffered some terrible fate by now- lost at a rest stop, punctured by a sharp tortilla in the van, or just squeezed to bursting (Sam has a “stress ball” like quality to him).  Against all odds, Sam lives on and will no doubt get many more incredulous thumbs ups from passing truckers in the future.  Sam has a tempestuous tour romance with our other oldest friend- Lucille.



Species: Pony
Material: Plastic and imitation Pony hair
Origin: Suzie Crocker-MacLean
Likes: Metal Surfaces, Candy, Sam, Body Art
Dislikes: Split ends

A relic from Tammy’s previous tour of Swimmy, Frederick and Inch by Inch, “Lucille Ball” (assumed to be a presumed name) began our obsession with magnetic toys in the van.  Only one of her hooves is magnetic.  Can you guess which one?



Species: Sea Cucumber?
Material: Something resembling rubber (blue)
Origin: Ohio rest stop
Likes: Raves, Sharp turns, Mountaineering
Dislikes: Pole bags, High five offers, Robin

Bearing some obvious heredity relationship to Sam (though some rungs of the evolutionary ladder clearly separate them), we were unable to resist purchasing Benny, despite his ludicrous $4.50 price tag.  To our delight, we discovered not only that he is easily supported by Hazard’s magnetic grappling hook (see “Hazard” below), but he also contains some kind of LED blinking sphere, which goes off when he’s jostled.  Robin frequently relocates Benny from his immediate seating area.


Betty (fig. 1)

Species: Humanoid
Material: Something resembling rubber (purple), inert polymer (?)
Origin: Cracker Barrel
Likes: White Gravy, Hide and seek, being mistaken for human
Dislikes: Her potentially caustic insides

Assuming Betty to be another branch of Sam and Benny’s family tree, we liberated her from a Cracker Barrel after a delightful game of Pegs and a fried chicken BLT.

Betty (fig. 2)

To our horror, we found that when squeezed, her purple flesh becomes transparent, revealing an internal reservoir of roiling white ooze that her label describes as “inert polymer” (fig. 2).

She has spent much of her time since squirreled away in the ceiling nooks of the back seat.

Coming Next Week: Hazard, Hairy Jim, Clawin, and Henny Penny!  Stay tuned for more sidekicks and mascots!