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Updates from “Goodnight Moon” tour, and some cool bricks!

Well what a crazy time it’s been for us.  I am the Stage Manager for Goodnight Moon and the Runaway Bunny.  This is my second tour with Mermaid, my first being with Swimmy, Frederick and Inch by Inch in 2006/2007.  I’ve been meaning to blog but things just get so busy sometimes.  I now find myself with some downtime and thought it was a great chance to do this.  We started our tour at the beginning of October, so we’ve been out for about a month.  The beginning was a lot of driving.  We went from Saint John, NB to Bloomington, IL, then back across the country to New Bedford, MA.  We did get to see some big cities at the beginning.  We had some time in Boston, New York City and Chicago.
In amongst all of this, we had a stop at the Edward Nash Theatre at the Raritan Valley Community College in Somerville, NJ.  They have a wall of bricks that performers sign in their loading dock.  We had a great time trying to find old Mermaid bricks and we found a bunch!  Here are some past Mermaid groups that have been there.
We’ve recently found ourselves in Wisconsin.  From my last tour, I remember the people of Wisconsin being very kind and I have to say, they have lived up to their reputation.  I am so lucky to have a great team with me.  I recently had a medical emergency and was unable to make it to one of our shows, but as they say, the show must go on, and it did.  They pulled it off without me, with some help from some wonderful people at the Weill Center in Sheboygan, WI.  I can not thank everyone enough (you all know who you are!) for everything they did for us.
From there we came to Appleton, WI, where we are now for a few days off.  We had some help (thank you Julian!) come with us to help us load in to Appleton and again we had a great crew here.  I was able to make it to the load in and the show with a lot of help from the venue and of course from Kaitlin, Seann and Robin.  When you’re on the road the only family you have are your tour mates.  Mine have shown me that they are my friends and my family.  I am very lucky to have all of them and I am so proud of all of them for pulling off the show without me.  I watched them do it again today with very little help from me and as hard as it was to just watch, it was amazing to see how hard they all worked to make it happen.  I have so much love and respect for everyone.  This is a different side of touring that you don’t see very often and I thought I should share it.  It has touched my heart in so many ways.  I work for a wonderful company and I have a lot of love, support and care surrounding me.  Til next time!