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Mermaid’s Many Mascots, part 2.

(Jason’s Note: This is part 2 of Seann’s post.  Part 1 is here. I’m re-posting a little of the introduction as well.) 

…Tours can be long trips away from home, and it always helps to give yourself that familiar feeling whenever you can when you’re away for so long…

Our home away from home is no doubt the tour van.  It’s a stalwart puppet-wagon roving the countryside in search of children to delight, and it’s also the single place we spend the most time on tour.  So, like a home, it gets decorated…we’ve picked up quite a few hitch-hikers on the road, and their comforting presence has been our home sweet home for the past months…



Species: Humanoid
Material: Magnets and wire
Origin: Fredericton, N.B.
Likes: Stopping crime, Ceilings, Jet Li Flims
Dislikes: Laundromats, slamming the van door

A fully magnetic gymnastic crime-fighter, Hazard enjoys launching covert attacks at tour members from the ceiling of the van.  These are facilitated by his invaluable accessory- the magnetic grappling hook.  Though, truth be told, the hook spends most of it’s time supporting either Benny, or the Runaway Bunny’s spare carrot.

Hairy Jim

Species: ???
Material: ???
Origin: ???
Likes: Wisconsin, Fondue, Festive Hats
Dislikes: Emergency Surgery

A memento of Tammy’s medical misadventure, Hairy Jim aids in the healing process with the best of all medicines: Laughter.  His schemes and motives are entirely unknown, but we’re pretty sure he’s another of Sam’s rubber-kin.  He’s the same colour, anyway.



Species: Cyclops
Material: Polyester, stuffing
Origin: A gas station, Somewhere USA
Likes: The claw, carrots, Christmas
Dislikes: Being used as a pillow

“Clawin”, as he is known, is our first and only acquisition from the many fertile “skill games” of American truck stops, gas stations and Perkins’s.  He’s purportedly a character from a successful animated film with a slight and inexpensive festive twist (the antlers).  Upon winning him on the third claw, Kaitlin proceeded to jump around the gas station yelling, clapping and generally making a scene.

Henny Penny

Henny Penny

Species: Global Positioning System (GPS)
Material: Electronics, Plastic, Satellites (Not Shown)
Origin: Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia
Likes: Sitting in the Front, Direct Current, Language Arts
Dislikes: Pronouncing hard “R”s, Road Work, Mornings

Our largely trusty GPS, Henny Penny has taken us more miles than we have yet bothered to accurately count, and has done so in at least 6 different languages.  Despite her prodigious knowledge of the tongues of Europe, Asia and afar, she seems to have a really hard time saying “boulevard”.  We have changed the graphic representation of ourselves from a car to a soaring eagle to better reflect our awesomenity.

(Jason’s Note, part 2: Welcome back to the “Goodnight Moon & The Runaway Bunny” company, who gave their final performance of the tour in Windsor on Sunday.  Safe travels as you return to your families for the holidays.)