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Upcoming Mermaid shows, May-June 2013

Hi everyone,

Mermaid’s intrepid Treasured Stories by Eric Carle company has been on the road for almost nine months.  That’s quite a long road trip.  I’m hoping that they wrote down their odometer reading when they started.  Leave your guesses as to their final distance traveled in the comment section.  My guess is 35,000km, and that’s probably a low estimate.

They will be home returning home to Nova Scotia soon, and here’s what’s coming up for them before the end of the tour.  Click the venue’s name to go to their ticketing page.

Sat May 18 Banff Center for the Arts, Banff, AB 4:00pm
Wed May 22 Calgary Children’s Festival, Calgary, AB 10:30am, 1:00pm
Thu May 23 Calgary Children’s Festival, Calgary, AB 10:30am, 1:00pm
Fri May 24 Calgary Children’s Festival, Calgary, AB 10:30am, 1:00pm
Sat May 25 Calgary Children’s Festival, Calgary, AB 10:30am, 1:00pm
Sun June 2 Mermaid Imperial Performing Arts Centre (MIPAC), Windsor, NS 3:00pm
Fri June 7 Stages Theatre Festival, Neptune Theatre, Halifax, NS 7:00pm

June 8

Stages Theatre Festival, Neptune Theatre, Halifax, NS 2:00pm, 7:00pm

In addition to the public show at our home base theatre, MIPAC, we’ll also be performing school matinee performances on June 4, 5, and 6 at 10:00am.  The Tuesday and Wednesday are full, but if your local (Windsor, NS) school or child-care group wants to come to a weekday morning matinee on Thursday, June 6, we still have some room in that show.  Call the office (798-5841) to book your group in now.

stages-logoWe’re also pleased to be performing in Halifax on June 7 and 8 at the Stages Theatre Festival, presented by Eastern Front Theatre.  Public shows are at 7pm on Friday, and 2pm and 7pm on Saturday.  A nice way to end a tour.

Have a good long weekend!



Mermaid Theatre News Update

We’ve got a lot of updates about Mermaid’s many activities, both for people in and around the Annapolis Valley here in beautiful Nova Scotia, as well as for our many fans around the world.


Touring the US and Canada starting in October.  Click the image for tour dates.

Our newest flagship production, Treasured Stories by Eric Carle, will be wrapping up its second North American tour this June, with dates at MIPAC, our home theatre in Windsor, as well as in Halifax, as part of the Stages Theatre Festival.  The public show in Windsor is on Sunday, June 2 at 3pm and closes the season on our MIPAC 2012-2013 Entertainment Series.  The shows in Halifax will take place on Friday, June 7 and Saturday, June 8.  Details about the Halifax shows will be posted on their website soon.

Stella, Queen of the SnowMermaid is also hard at work on our next flagship production, Stella, Queen of the Snow, a beloved children’s book by Canadian author Marie-Louise Gay.  Artistic Director Jim Morrow as well as our talented production team are creating a wonderful snowy world to tell this lovely story in Mermaid’s unique way.  The show will premiere in 2014–keep watching our website for details.



When it Rains - 2b theatre - MIPAC, Sat, May 11 at 7pm.
2b theatre company, an innovative Halifax-based group, are bringing their acclaimed show When it Rains to the MIPAC stage next weekend, Saturday, May 11 at 7pm.  This darkly funny drama looks like no live theatre you’ve ever seen, with performers and a video projector working together to tell a story in the style of a graphic novel.  You can get tickets online here or at the door. Please come out and support this great show.


rumpel3The Maritime Marionettes, a theatre company based in Truro, will be bringing their re-telling of the fairy tale Rumpelstiltskin to our MIPAC Family Fare series this weekend in Windsor.  The show is Saturday, May 4 at 11am, and you can get tickets online here, or at the door.


As mentioned above, we’ll be welcoming home our own Treasured Stories by Eric Carle for a public show on Sunday, June 2 at 3pm, as well as several school-only matinee performances.  We’ve filled school matinee shows on June 4 and 5, and we might add a show on June 6 if there’s enough interest. Contact us if you want to bring a group to Windsor for a 10am show on Thursday, June 6.


  • ANIMOTION, our annual professional puppetry training program for adults begins May 13 and runs for 3 weeks.  The program still has a couple of spaces left–if you want to know more, check out this link.
  • We will be offering Summer Camps here in Windsor for kids from ages 3-18.  Programs run at different times starting in July.  More details are here.

Thanks for reading, have a great weekend!

Holiday Updates from the Road

I hope everyone is enjoying the arrival of the holidays.  We’ve been unusually lucky in Nova Scotia so far this winter, with mild temperatures and only a bit of snow.  Of course, we are all secretly hoping for huge piles of snow right around Christmas Day just the same.

Our two companies on the road are doing well.  The Guess How Much I Love You company will be performing this week at the Walton Arts Centre in Fayetteville, Arkansas, and then in Joplin, Missouri, before heading back to their homes for a much deserved holiday break.

As for the other gang, Mermaid is pleased to be presenting Treasured Stories by Eric Carle for an extended holiday run at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.  They have multiple shows from Dec. 27-Jan. 6.  I’ve heard it said that Washington is lovely at the holidays, because the politicians all leave town.

Finally today, I have a couple of pictures to share.  This one is the Treasured Stories company visiting Eric Carle’s museum in Northampton, Massachusetts:


Treasured Stories by Eric Carle – 2012-13 US/Canada Tour

The other picture was taken at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ:

Shawn Sorensen: I was very excited to tour America this year and watch hockey in different cities. The lockout has prevented this from happening. I am pouting. No Martin Brodeur for me.

“I was very excited to tour America this year and watch hockey in different cities. The lockout has prevented this from happening. I am pouting. No Martin Brodeur for me.” — Shawn Sorensen, Stage Manager

Have a great holiday, everyone!


Back on the Road – Updates from FL and NYC

Good afternoon!

It’s been a while since anyone has updated our blog, even though we have two companies out on the road now…one company has been narrowly avoiding extreme weather in New York and New Hampshire (where several shows had to be canceled due to Superstorm Sandy–so sorry to our fans!), and the other company is down in Florida.

Here’s an update from Florida, courtesy of John Allen, who is touring with Guess How Much I Love You:

One of the nicest things about touring is meeting great people. These are the techs from the Broward Center in Fort Lauderdale. They were incredibly helpful and professional on top of being super guys. Left to right, Kathryn McCormack, Griff, Joyce Zogos, JohnAllen MacLean, Sam, (Siesta Sammy as Kathryn nicknamed him.) Missing from photo is Chris, who is taking the picture.

at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

And here’s a quick picture of Shawn and Jonny in Times Square, who are bringing Treasured Stories to Symphony Space in New York City tomorrow, and are making the most of their time in the Big Apple–planning to take in a show or two in addition to performing them:

Shawn and Jonny attempt to cut in the TKTS line by saying “Do you know who we are?! We’re playing on Broadway tomorrow!”

Have a good weekend.

On the Road, Again

Yesterday marked the final show for the Guess How Much I Love You & I Love My Little Storybook company before they head out on the road on Friday.  It was great to have almost 400 kids and parents in the theatre on Monday and Tuesday mornings for our school-group matinee performances.  We also had about 300 in the theatre last Saturday for a public show.  We’re so glad to be able to share our work with so many people in our little home town of Windsor, Nova Scotia before we take it out on tour.  

In addition, the Treasured Stories by Eric Carle show headed out last week, and they’ve already performed in Maine and Vermont, and are headed to New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Connecticut before the end of October.

And now, here are a few fun facts about the upcoming tours:

Treasured Stories by Eric Carle:
Total performances: 157
Number of US states where we’ll perform: 18
Number of Canadian provinces: 5
Farthest point west: Vancouver, British Columbia
Farthest point south: Scottsdale, Arizona
Farthest point north: Calgary, AB
Longest single trip: 5997km (Costa Mesa, CA to Windsor, NS)

Guess How Much I Love You:
Total performances: 93
Number of US states where we’ll perform: 14
Number of Canadian provinces: 1
Farthest point west: Austin, Texas
Farthest point south: Miami Beach, Florida
Longest single trip: 1929km (Miami, FL to Galveston, TX)

Good luck to both companies–one of which is already on the road, and one which leaves very soon!  The show schedules are available on our website.

Kat, Joyce, and John Allen, and Jim pause for a picture before the tour begins.

Mermaid Theatre of #NovaScotia 2012-2013 US/Canada Tour Dates Now Online

Touring the US starting in October. Click the image for tour dates.

This fall, Mermaid will be touring two of our flagship productions. Guess How Much I Love You & I Love My Little Storybook will start its tour with a performance in our home theatre in Windsor, NS, before heading off to Florida, Texas, and many points in between.  The list of public shows is in the drop-down menu above (SHOW SCHEDULES) and linked to here.

Touring the US and Canada starting in October. Click the image for tour dates.

The other production is our newest show, A Brown Bear, a Moon, and a Caterpillar: Treasured Stories by Eric Carle.  That show has its first date in Portland, Maine before heading off on 150+ more shows around the US and Canada.  It’s also in the drop-down above and linked here.

Finally, I just wanted to mention to all those educators out there that most of our shows are not public at all–they are instead school-only matinees which take place on weekdays for school and child-care groups that would like to take a trip to their local theatres.  If you’d like to see if we’re coming to your area with a school matinee show, those lists are on our website.

Have a great weekend.

And the Reviews are In!

Here is a roundup of Chicago-area reviews of Mermaid’s latest production, A Brown Bear, a Moon, and a Caterpillar: Treasured Stories by Eric Carle, currently enjoying  a sit-down run in the Windy City.  They’ll be in town until the end of May, when they’ll return to Windsor, NS for our 40th Birthday celebrations.

Time Out Chicago’s Hipsqueak Blog has a nice review, which you can read here.

Chicago Tribune‘s Chris Jones gave us a lovely 3-star review which is here.

Chicago-Splash.com, Has a review by Noel Schecter from May 5. Read it here.

ChicagoNow.com‘s review by Katy Walsh is here.

HousefulofNicholes.com is a blog with a show review by Natasha Nicholes posted 5/5/12. Here is the link for that review.

ChicagoNow.com, Wee Windy City, review by Caitlin Giles posted 5/7/12.  Read it here.

Kidwinks, a local blog, has a review by Suzan Henley here.

Tiramisumom.com, has a review here.  Note that the winner of the ticket giveaway she refers to on the blog has already been drawn.

We’re so glad that our merry gang of puppets and people have been so warmly received in Chicago.  Many happy returns, folks.

Thanks to Jay K., who provided these links.  Have a good weekend!