About Mermaid Theatre

The whimsical puppets of Mermaid have always been a signature feature of our colourful and creative children’s shows.  Since Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia was founded in 1972, we’ve been making our own puppets and working with gifted artists from around the province and across Canada to bring our shows to life.  Mermaid is proud to have grown from its humble beginnings into a children’s touring theatre with a truly global audience–we’ve performed for over four million spectators on four continents.  In the last decade, we’ve averaged 400 shows per year.  We play to family audiences, young students and teachers in professional theatres, community auditoriums and performing arts centers around Canada, US, and nearly a dozen other countries.

Our  productions hope to inspire families to share the experience of attending live theatre from an early age.  Also, by adapting well-known children’s books and working tirelessly to bring them to memorable life onstage, we hope to encourage a love of reading as well.  A large part of our audience are young students brought to a local theatre–perhaps their first experience–to see the show after reading and discussing the original books in class.

Our companies are often on the road in interesting locations, and this blog will allow you to see and hear about life on the road with this dynamic group.

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3 responses to “About Mermaid Theatre

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  2. My daughter saw your show at the Hanover Street School. She LOVED IT!
    she has a question, how do the puppets hands move when you are in a different location then the strings? How does the dog move without seeing the puppeteers hand?
    Your show has really enlightened her and her INTEREST is AMAZING.
    Thank You

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