Stories from the Road — Part 2.

Here are some more great stories from the road.  These come from Yvonne, who is also touring The Very Hungry Caterpillar & Other Eric Carle Favourites, along with performers Jonny and Mara.  Enjoy. 

  • So that’s what a roomful of screaming children sound like!  The kids were really involved and having a good time.  Show felt really good.  They applauded for every single cloud transformation!! A lot of the children traveled for an hour or more to get to the show.
  • When the polar bear came out, one of the kids shouted very loudly: “It’s a puppy!!”
  • “This is the story of the Very Hungry Caterpillar…”  One very loud kid in the audience: “YES!!!!”
  • There were 3 little boys who were really into the technical side of things.  His question during Q & A was how many black lights we used.  Apparently he and his friends had made a video of them performing a version of Very Hungry Caterpillar under black lights.  We got really excited and told them to consider sending the video to Jim.  Unfortunately, their family left pretty quickly and never came out to the lobby and we never got a chance to chat with them more.
  • Very friendly crew, one of them even walked with us to the beach and showed us around town a little after the show.
  • French Show!!!  The audience was very quiet, lots of people shushing each other.  By [the appearance of the “Clown” during Little Cloud] the crowd was starting to get into things and they went nuts when the yellow chameleon bounced on to the playboards.  It seemed like the audience is not as familiar with Caterpillar as our English audiences.  The announcement of the story didn’t get the cheers that it usually did, and you can hear people being surprised when “he was still hungry.”
  • We met a little boy in the lobby this afternoon when we were waiting for the lunch meet and greet.  He loved the show, his favourite was Chameleon, but he started crying in the middle of it because he didn’t want the fly to get eaten.
  • When we came back on to the stage after two shows to lay out the puppets, the lady cleaning the house was singing the tune for the sun in Caterpillar.
  • People assume that there is someone above the playing area making everything happen, they are always surprised when we explain that the puppeteers are actually right behind the puppets.
  • Little boy in the audience: “C’est magique, non?”
  • What a beautiful venue!  Large facility with an area for each production department and a very supportive staff…We even have a wardrobe person who does our laundry and a stage technician who is very eager to pre-set and strike for us!! It’s a luxury to be here.
  • First show was cancelled because it was just too cold outside!
  • “Do you know how many butterflies you have saved?”  I was talking with one of the ushers and she feels that young children will be more aware of harming small caterpillars now that they know they will turn into a butterfly.
  • As the egg lay on the leaf with the moon overhead, a little girl kept repeating “Pop! Pop!” until the egg popped open.
  • When the chameleon ate the fly for the very first time, a little boy exclaimed loudly: “Ew! That’s disgusting!”
  • It is sad to say goodbye. Ann, Andi, Pam, Jenn, Rick and Steve have been amazing along with everyone else at CTC. One thing we will not miss, however, is the polar vortex.

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