2014 Stories From the Road – Part 1

Background: each of Mermaid’s touring companies submits a report from every day of shows we perform. Most of those reports feature an interesting story from their day. The following is an incomplete list of stories shared with us by intrepid Stage Manager Shawn Sorensen, who is currently touring with one of the two Caterpillar shows.  Enjoy!

  • After the Q&A, a parent said to their children, “All right kids, what do you say?”  Both of the children together put their hand on caterpillar and whispered to it, “Thank you very much.”
  • During the first 5 minutes of the show, I heard from the audience, “No way, how is this even possible?”
  • During the meet and greet autograph session, a mother told Kat that she had to choose between going to Shrek or our show on Sunday as they were both playing near each other.  And that she was so incredibly glad she chose us.
  • Watching the student staff gaze in amazement at the puppets as we set up and tore down truly made my day.  They were ecstatic.
  • The theatre is sponsored by a local ice cream maker, so we had delicious ice cream at lunch.  Earl Gray and Vietnamese Coffee were the flavours. MMMMmmmmm.
  • At least 3 staff members told us that this was the best children’s theatre they had ever seen!
  • We all stood in the same room as Elvis, Orbison, Lewis, Perkins and so many more on our tour of Sun Studios.  It truly made my day.
  • We saw a real chameleon at the Memphis Zoo!!!  And a giraffe, and an elephant…and so on.  Memphis Zoo was rated the best zoo in America for the last 2 years
  • Simon overheard a child saying “Wow.  Just wow.  Wow.  Oh my wow.  Wow,” during Little Cloud.
  • The crew told us they love having in a show like ours, as they can relax in preparation for the giant Broadway tours that come through.  We are welcome to return anytime.  Haha.
  • I told a crew member that I had heard the show called “Springsteen for kids, man.”  And today’s crew member responded with, “Nah.  More like AC/DC.”
  • During the flamingo section of Chameleon, we could hear a child saying, “He is handsome?  I want to be handsome.  I want to be handsome too.  Am I handsome?  I want to be handsome.”
  • When the chameleon entered with an elephant head, we heard a child say, “What?  An elephant?  No way.  How is that even possible?  Good grief.”
  • As the fat caterpillar was climbing the tree I overheard a child say, “Oh no, he won’t fit through that hole anymore.  What was he thinking?”
  • As the second moon crossed the stage, a child began to howl. It was a very raspy and nervous attempt, but it was definitely a howl.
  • During the Q&A a young child asked, “Can I have the caterpillar after you are done?”
  • One of the crew members said, “What was I thinking?  Why didn’t I get my wife and kid to come to this today.  It is awesome!”
  • The executive staff of this theatre are absolutely in love with Mermaid Theatre.  I can’t even count how many compliments we recieved before we had actually even done the show today!
  • During chameleon I heard two young voices talking back and forth about how awesome the show was.  “This is awesome.  Just awesome.  So awesome.”
  • As Simon was using the giant cloud during the show, a child from the audience said, “How does the performer do that?  It must be so heavy!”
  • After all the contingency planning for a possible school start time delay or cancellation, it was really nice to show up and have the weather on our side.  One hundred shows complete!

Have a good weekend!


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