On the Road, Again

Yesterday marked the final show for the Guess How Much I Love You & I Love My Little Storybook company before they head out on the road on Friday.  It was great to have almost 400 kids and parents in the theatre on Monday and Tuesday mornings for our school-group matinee performances.  We also had about 300 in the theatre last Saturday for a public show.  We’re so glad to be able to share our work with so many people in our little home town of Windsor, Nova Scotia before we take it out on tour.  

In addition, the Treasured Stories by Eric Carle show headed out last week, and they’ve already performed in Maine and Vermont, and are headed to New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Connecticut before the end of October.

And now, here are a few fun facts about the upcoming tours:

Treasured Stories by Eric Carle:
Total performances: 157
Number of US states where we’ll perform: 18
Number of Canadian provinces: 5
Farthest point west: Vancouver, British Columbia
Farthest point south: Scottsdale, Arizona
Farthest point north: Calgary, AB
Longest single trip: 5997km (Costa Mesa, CA to Windsor, NS)

Guess How Much I Love You:
Total performances: 93
Number of US states where we’ll perform: 14
Number of Canadian provinces: 1
Farthest point west: Austin, Texas
Farthest point south: Miami Beach, Florida
Longest single trip: 1929km (Miami, FL to Galveston, TX)

Good luck to both companies–one of which is already on the road, and one which leaves very soon!  The show schedules are available on our website.

Kat, Joyce, and John Allen, and Jim pause for a picture before the tour begins.


2 responses to “On the Road, Again

  1. Madison and Gracie

    We enjoyed the show today. How many different puppets have you made? Would you please send a picture of the unicorn puppet and a picture of the princess puppet for my sister Gracie. Thank you very much it was really good!