Backwards and Forwards

Note: This post was written by our summer student, Kevin, who just finished his summer at Mermaid this week, and who will be missed.  Best of luck back in Toronto — from Jason and the rest of the gang.


In a week and a half I’ll be on a plane back to Toronto, where I attend university.  While I’m excited to get back, it’s hard to believe that another summer has come and gone, and I will be saying good-bye to Mermaid Theatre for the third time.

It sounds cliché, but when I applied for the summer student position here in 2010, I had no idea that I would become part of such a beautiful story and that I would end up returning for the summers of 2011 and 2012.  I have been lucky in that I ended up with not just a job, but with a second home for the summer and (dare I say) a sort of education in some of the basic points of arts administration.

In terms of my sentiments towards the staff and operations here at Mermaid, I wrote this blog post last summer that essentially doubles as a love letter if you read it the right way.  Gushy feelings aside, let me just say that this summer has been even more invigorating than the last two.  Birthday parties, summer camps, Christmas movies, coffee shortages, insane groups of children, and a seemingly infinite number of VHS tapes seem to have been the focus of my 10 weeks here.  It wasn’t always perfect, but as I’ve stated many times before, I feel lucky to have had such a positive experience in a summer job setting.  I’ve given my share of unpleasant tours and completed many the soul-crushingly mindless task, but the overwhelming majority of my time here has been absolutely fantastic and rewarding, and I can’t think of anywhere better in small town Nova Scotia to spend my summers working and learning.

Over the past couple years I’ve seen many changes in my life – new schools, new friends, new goals, new cities.  As it all goes by, the concept of saying “good-bye” becomes more and more meaningful.  Impermanence is everywhere, and it always will be.  Maybe each good-bye truly means the absolute end of something, and maybe it doesn’t; regardless, it’s been a privilege to call Mermaid and its wonderful associates my employers for three summers.

In my blog post last summer, I mentioned that I have always sensed that even as I and others come and go, the “wheels will keep on turning” here at Mermaid Theatre.  As I prepare to leave, I can feel it more than ever.  Awe-inspiring things happen here, and I can’t wait to visit when I’m back in Nova Scotia to see how everyone is doing and what new undertakings are in the works.  You should visit too, if you haven’t before – you’ll find an amazing world of imagination at Gerrish and Grey, and if you talk to the people behind the computers, you’ll hear the same remarkable stories that have kept me enthralled for three summers.

Thanks, Mermaid.


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