The Tour in Review (Sarah Jean live from #Chicago)

The latest update from the road…thanks Sarah Jean for sending it along!

The tour isn’t really over yet. But we’ve been sitting in one, windy spot for a while which has given me a chance to look at the pictures I’ve taken over the course of the tour. I am not really one to take very many pictures, so this is a spotty and strange view of life on the road and the weird and wonderful things you see along the way.

When we were in West Palm Beach walking to a great Mexican restaurant for supper, we came across this curious sign. My photography skills are not the best, but please note the fact that the sign is pointing not to a door, but to a solid wall. Ninjas man, they don’t even need doors!


Dan and Sarah Jean at Mile 0, Highway 1, Key West, FL

On this tour we drove the entire I-95 all the way down to Key West. This is Dan and I at the mile zero marker.


In University Park, Illinois the venue we played had a large statue of a sad Paul Bunyan in a field. I have never seen such a forlorn looking statue. And if you look really closely you can see Dan doing the same pose next to the statue. Except that Dan only comes up to Paul Bunyan’s knee.


We made a little detour into Mississippi, to stay at a charming little place called the Shack Up Inn. This is the bottle tree sculpture we watched the sun set behind.


I thought this was a North American tour, how did you end up in Greece? The answer is, we didn’t. This life-size replica of the Parthenon is in Nashville, Tennessee. Pretty incredible, right?


Which brings us to Chicago, our current location. This is a picture of the endless and undulating reflections in the underside of Cloud Gate, a huge mirrored bean sculpture in Millenium Park.

(Editor’s Note: The Treasured Stories company will be headed back to Nova Scotia after their run in Chicago after over 180 shows on the road!  They’ll be performing at our home theatre on Saturday, June 9, to coincide with Mermaid’s 40th Birthday Celebrations.  If you’re reading this, you’re invited to the party!)


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