Updates From the Office, and Next Up at MIPAC

It’s been quiet at the office lately, but things are about to pick up again.  The Treasured Stories gang are still on the road, with an extended run coming up in Chicago, and rehearsals are about to start for The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Other Eric Carle Favourites, which is going back out on the road to Seattle and Vancouver in just a few weeks–check our schedule for details.  On the way out West, they also have a couple of dates in Quebec, performing the show in French before continuing the multi-day trek to the West Coast.

In the meantime, the puppets in the office have been on the move–I’m so glad that they all seem to enjoy hanging out together:

Mermaid puppets swap touring stories after hours

They’re all planning to tell scary stories during Earth Hour this Saturday, when the building is dark.

Also coming up is a show at our home theatre, Mermaid Imperial Performing Arts Centre (MIPAC).  Noted stage and screen actor Richard Donat will be performing selections from Canadian humourist Stephen Leacock‘s funniest readings on Saturday, April 7.  The show features works from several Leacock favourites, including My Financial Career, Self-Made Men, The New Food, and of course, Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town.  We’re offering 2-for-1 tickets for this show!  Get them at Moe’s Music, 798-5565.  

Finally, one more picture for the weekend.  We’d like to thank Carole Peterson, who was Leisa Way’s volunteer costume assistant when she brought her Dolly Parton Tribute to MIPAC last week, and I’ve been dying to share this picture:

Carole Peterson and Leisa Way at MIPAC, March 22, 2012

Thanks to Carole for her help, as well as for sending  me this picture to post!

Have a great weekend!


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