Cutest Caterpillar Costume Ever!

Here in the office, we received a unique Christmas card in the mail over the holidays.  The card was from a theatre patron who had taken a young family friend to see our show The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Other Eric Carle Favourites in Plymouth, England.  Enclosed was a CD with a few pictures.  They were of the little girl below, and we were surprised to note that we’d seen her before around the office.

After that same show, our touring Stage Manager, Shawn Sorensen, commented in a report back to us in Nova Scotia that he had seen the cutest Caterpillar costume ever on a little girl in the audience, and sent us a photo he snapped with his iPod.

So we were delighted to receive these additional pictures.

John Allen shows our Caterpillar to another young Caterpillar

Rebecca and Chameleon say hello to an enthusiastic Eric Carle fan

I wonder what these two are discussing?

Thank you J., for the card and the pictures, and for assuring us that we could post them for everyone to see…as I mentioned, they were just too cute to keep to ourselves.

UPDATE 18 Jan: Fixed post to correctly show all 3 pictures.  All my fault.  Sorry. –Jason


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