Treasured Stories, Treasured Memories

Note: The following two comments were written by 1) Our Intrepid Treasured Stories Stage Manager and 2) The person who updates the Facebook page of Thrasher-Horne Center for the Arts in Orange Park, Florida (the image was taken from their public FB feed).  The notes were very much related and so sweet that I thought I’d share them as a single post.

1)  A great show! How exciting to be in a big venue again, and the kids went wild for the show! Lots of compliments from the ushers and the teachers as they were leaving. We had an ASL interpreter at the show as well as visually impaired students in the front rows. We took care to check in with the teachers before the show and were able to arrange some up-close-and-personal time for two of these students to get some hands on time with their favourite puppets.

2)  Amazing day at the THCA!!!!— Eric Carle’s beloved stories were brought to life by Mermaid Theatre. Most touching moment came after the show, when the visually impared students from Oakleaf Village Elementary got to feel the puppets up close!  Thank you to all the teachers who inspire their students everyday!

Dan and Sarah Jean let some visually-impaired children check out our puppets up close after a show at Thrasher-Horne Center for the Arts in Orange Park, FL

Thanks to both of these people for sharing. 


2 responses to “Treasured Stories, Treasured Memories

  1. A heart warming picture-I’m sure it was also a heartwarming experience.

  2. we were at this show and it was just wonderful! My kids were just so attentive and captivated by the production! Great Job!!!