John Allen’s Good Day Off

Travelling is great and we’re very lucky to have the opportunity to be touring the UK. We are getting to see the full spectrum of that which is England–classic old towns with ancient buildings, new refurbished areas, Northern, Southern and Midlands–and we take the opportunity to explore all the nooks and crannies when we are able to.

Shawn and John Allen take in the tourist sights during UK tour downtime.

From time to time, however, it’s nice to take a day and do absolutely nothing.  It’s a pleasure and a gift to be able to see the world like this, but the sacrifice is, as well as not being in the same place for any more than 2 or 3 days at a time, not to mention being away from family and friends for extended periods.  That’s why, occasionally, we might take a day to ourselves and stay in our room (usually when we are staying at one of the nicer places) and pretend that we are home for a day off.  Sure there’s lots to see out there, but it’s also important to take time to feed the soul and ensure that we’re not wearing ourselves thin by doing too much all the time…. now, back to me bed…. Ahhhhh

John Allen


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