Overheard on Tour (Mermaid’s New Slogan?)

Overheard at one of our New Jersey performances of A Brown Bear, a Moon, and a Caterpillar: Treasured Stories by Eric Carle (courtesy Dan via Christine):

Boy 1: “How are they moving?”
Boy 2: “They’re ROBOTS!”
Boy 1: “They’re NOT robots”
Boy 2: “Yes they are! We’re watching Robots!!”
We obviously have a new slogan.

“Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia: You’re Watching Robots”

offer other suggestions in the comments.

Some of our "Brown Bear" puppets rest in the paint shop before the tour.


One response to “Overheard on Tour (Mermaid’s New Slogan?)

  1. Boys LIKE robots! So, deduction… they LIKED the show! Yes? I am enjoying the notes from Rebecca, Intrepid Mermaid Performer! Keep posting!