Update from #Nottingham, Caterpillar UK Tour 2011

John Allen viewed from a great height.

Well, we just hit show #30 in the UK, in Nottingham.  The staff at this venue have been absolutely wonderful, though I feel confident in saying that every for venue we have been.  I am definitely feeling more comfortable and precise with the show after each performance, but we still can have our moments.  

The other day a performer put something in a different place than normal during the show and when I went to go get it, it wasn’t there.  I looked around.  I turned around.  Then a performer ran into me and handed me something else so I went to put that away.  Then I stood there, completely blanking on what came next.  I listened to the music, and I am sure it was only a second or two, but it seemed like forever.  It all came flooding back in a hurry, and then it was like I hadn’t missed a beat.

Just a brief reminder of how flexible one needs to be in a show, because even though things are meant to happen the same way every time, it may be slightly new.  I look forward to much more aware I will be when I hit show #50.

John Allen and Rebecca hunting for dear Yorick.


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