More updates from the road (#Stonehenge)

at Stonehenge

Show pack went well.  Got into our car and started our drive southwest to Plymouth.  We were driving by Stonehenge, so we had to stop.  I was even willing to pay the 7.50 pounds to go in.  There is rope around it so you can’t go into it.  It was incredibly windy and chilly.  Such beauty and age.  Possibly from 3000 BC.  The smell was……manure.  Surrounded by farmland.  Ha.  Still really great.

Pit stop in Exeter for dinner at The Wheelhouse pub.  A little walk through the centre of town, past a cathedral, and a city wall which dates to 200 AD.  Arrive in Plymouth, and pass right out, exhausted.

Cutest costume ever

Set up, and 2 shows went well.  Short break between. This theatre has tons of space backstage, which is a change from the Rose Theatre.  Had to adjust to having our show back.

A recent show had the cutest little one ever in a full caterpillar costume.


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