Calm Before the Storm

The last couple of weeks have been quiet at Mermaid.  The summer is a good time for vacations, and so the office has been unusually quiet.  Also, there are currently no tours on the road or even rehearsing to go on the road, so even my inbox is quiet.

However, production continues on our new show, and within the next couple of weeks things are going to start getting very busy. We have three simultaneous tours this fall, including our new show which is still in production.  The Production Department is where the action has really been happening lately.

Struan carries a horse through the office

The puppets are getting carved, filled with hardware for puppeteers, covered with cotton fabric and painted, one-by-one.  I love that while I’m sitting in the office, I’ll often look up and see something crossing in front of my desk.

Deb covers Green Frog with time consuming hand stitching.

Upstairs, they do the final work, including the fabric and painting.  Since we use a black light to make the puppets “pop” on stage, we also have to use them when we paint, since the colours change under the unique lighting.  In the painting room, we have a few of the little guys awaiting the next step:

Red Bird, White Dog, Black Sheep await painting.

So, we’ll soon be ready to take the show on the road.  Rehearsals for our UK tour start in 2 weeks; for Treasured Stories in early September, and Goodnight Moon a couple of weeks after that.

For now, I’m enjoying a quiet Wednesday, listening to the traffic on the street and the power tools in the shop.  It’s going to be a busy fall.  Stay tuned for stories about life outside the office, on the road with our companies.



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