One Day, He Saw a Zoo

Eric Carle’s Favourite Stories is still on tour, but we have left the historic beauty of Korea for the heat of Singapore. We’ve been performing here for a week already! With three shows each on Saturdays and Sundays it makes for a full day, but through the week we have two shows in the morning and are free to explore the city after lunch.  It only made sense to spend an afternoon at one of Singapore’s most popular and internationally renowned attractions, the Zoo!

Welcome to the Singapore Zoo!

In honour of everyone’s favourite chameleon, we took extra care to visit some familiar animals.  Look how handsome they are! Although these giraffes can see far away, they seem more interested in eating than looking at Emma.

Emma and giraffes

Here’s one turtle that is not hiding in his shell (I had to stand on tiptoes to look him in the eye!)

Christine has words with an impressive turtle

And then there’s this beautiful elephant, Jati.

All Aboard!

You can see that she is strong enough to carry all three of us on her back.

We had an amazing time at the zoo, and were so glad we spent the afternoon there.  If only we could have brought the chameleon with us.

What is your favourite animal in the chameleon story?


One response to “One Day, He Saw a Zoo

  1. I tell you, I’ve always been partial to the chameleon himself…he’s adorable. Although his transformation is a bit alarming.