Heart and Seoul

Caterpillar poster, Seoul 2011

Spot the Caterpillar.

I’ve been working for Mermaid Theatre for three consecutive years now, and am proud to say that my combined tours have taken me to every state in the USA (except Alaska and Hawaii).  I’m now stage managing my fourth show, and the adventures continue! My first tour overseas is also my first trip outside of North America.  What an amazing experience to bring Eric Carle’s stories and Mermaid’s beautiful show to Korean children and their families.

Daesongsa Temple

We will be in Korea for one month, and at the time of writing this post, we’re leaving Seoul for the south east port city of Busan. Our first two weeks in Korea were filled with two shows a day at the Seoul Arts Center.

Our evenings were often spent exploring various neighbourhoods around this bustling capitol city.  Favourite haunts included the gallery/artisan district of Insadong and the international neighbourhood of Itaewon.

Or sometimes just a hike in the mountains and a visit to the temple nearby was enough to put things in perspective…  I sometimes don’t believe that I’m really here.  Then I remember the delicious food and the friendly people and feel the need to charge out and soak it all in.

Sightseeing in Seoul

One of the things that I find truly amazing, but not really surprising is how people everywhere respond to the beauty and joyfulness of our shows.  We’ve had so many parents come up to the stage and thank us for our work.  The adults seem to enjoy the show as much as the children do, and it is obvious the children really do!  My favourite part of the show is when we have time after the talkback to bring a few puppets to the edge of the stage.  It’s a chance for a lucky few to touch the puppets or get that burning question answered before they go home, whether that home is in Seoul, South Korea or Galveston, Texas or Windsor, Nova Scotia.

Emma, John Allen, Christine, and Jim - Korea/Singapore Tour, June 2011

Christine Oakey
Stage Manager


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  1. Sounds like a lot of fun. Enjoy your trip.

  2. Hello, when you will be in Seoul, South Korea, please?
    .. is the Eric Carle’s exhibition an permanent or just for short period of time?
    Thank you